Certified Masonry Contractor Long Island

Certified Masonry Contractor Long Island

Is Your Landscape Design/Build Contractor a Certified Installer? 4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire One

02 Jun, 2014

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Certified Masonry Contractor Long Island

Is Your Landscape Design/Build Contractor a Certified Installer? 4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire One

You've been dreaming about your hardscape idea for the past several months—maybe years. You've hired a Nassau or Suffolk County, New York landscape design/build company that you love. You've drawn up the design. Now, it's time to pick out the pavers and move ahead with the project.

But is your contractor certified through the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA)?

You can find out if your landscape design/build company is certified through these two organizations by asking your contractor to see his certifications, as well as looking up the company or contractor's name on these organizations' websites: www.icpi.org and www.ncma.org.

Next, it's important that your design/build contractor is certified by both of these organizations because it demonstrates to you that he has taken the time and invested the money to better build his reputation.

Here are 4 more reasons why you need to hire a certified masonry installer

  1. Your certified design/build installer has the most up-to-date information on best pavement installation practices. He will be able to safely and professionally build your hardscape project with minimal maintenance needed for the finished product.
  2. The certified installer shows that he cares about continuing his knowledge base and practices in concrete, pavement, and masonry.
  3. These two certifications are basic requirements to becoming brand name certified with major hardscape companies. For example, Lenny Mirable of Autumn Leaf Landscape Design holds certificates to install Unilock (www.unilock.com) and Nicolock (www.nicolock.com) paver products. Mirable first needed to obtained ICPI certification before he could become certified with Nicolock.
  4. A landscape design/build company shows its commitment and passion to its profession by choosing to belong to two of the leading trade associations, as well as its faith in these associations' certification programs.

6 More Pointers Before Hiring a Design & Build Company

While it's important for your contractor to be certified through these two trade associations, it's equally important that he has other good business practices in place. Here are six more pointers before you hire your Long Island landscape design/build co.

  1. Make sure that you know, preferably in writing, who is responsible for obtaining the appropriate municipal permits. Does that responsibility lie with you, as the homeowner, or with your landscape design/builder?
  2. Make sure that the company you hire fully insures all of its workers and equipment. Also, ask your company if they're insured to cover any damage that would happen to you or your neighbor's property during construction. And do they carry workman's compensation?
  3. Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed to build hardscapes in New York.
  4. Ask your landscape design/build professional how many years he has been in business. How many hardscape projects has he worked on that are similar to yours? And ask him to show you his portfolio of previous hardscape projects.
  5. The following questions should help you determine if you can trust your new contractor: Do you feel confident in his abilities to build your dream outdoor living space? Does he look you in the eye and answer your questions? Or does he seem unsure of himself?
  6. Does he, or the product he provides, offer any warranties?

If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County on Long Island, New York and you're looking for a landscape design/build company that you can trust, then look no further than Autumn Leaf Landscape Design. The company is a certified segmental retaining wall installer through the NCMA as well as ICPI certified.

Contact Autumn Leaf Landscape Design today, to set up your appointment for your next hardscape project at 631-424-5544 or send us a message on our contact page.


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