Creating the Right Outdoor Living Space for You

Creating the Right Outdoor Living Space for You

Expanding your living space with an outdoor patio is a great way to bring open air relaxation into your life.

18 Jan, 2018

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Creating the Right Outdoor Living Space for You

Long Island is a unique place with equally wonderful weather.

On average Long Island has warmer air temperatures providing more opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. We have the Long Island Sound to our north, Atlantic Ocean to our south, and several State Parks in-between. We Long Islanders live busy lives and it can be difficult to go out and enjoy the natural beauty around us. A new outdoor living space provides retreat without the need to travel. Step out your backdoor and into your new outdoor living space.

Backyard Paving Stone Patio Renovation

This is a brand new backyard living space. These young homeowners have big plans for their Long Island home. They are planning to add a second door with direct access to the fire pit area. The patio design accommodates this future goal without the need for additional landscape materials or landscape construction. Although this backyard is small it has everything a family needs: a dining area, fire pit with seat wall, and open lawn space. Another priority was privacy screening. A beautiful scalloped vinyl fence was installed in combination with evergreen shrubs for additional privacy.

Natural Stone Patio Tailored for Leisure

The original deck and patio was too small and not conducive to large group gatherings. This backyard living space design solved these issues. Using the existing elevation and different material patterns we were able to design a comfortable outdoor living patio. This natural stone patio was designed into three gathering areas: the main dining patio with direct access into the home, the bar style seating area, and the outdoor living room area. We all know that food brings people together. By having an outdoor cooking space you provide your family and guests with continued conversation, keeping them together outside without the need to move indoors.

Growing an outdoor living space

A blank canvas isn't always needed to create a stunning backyard. This couple had a small paving stone patio with a composite wood addition. They enjoyed how they used their existing patio but wanted to improve their living experience. It was important to stay flexible with how the areas would be used and furnished. The outdoor cooking station and bar was designed to quickly change out any rolling grill. Modern masonry materials were specifically chosen to best fit the existing color scheme.

Paving Stone Patio & Fire Pit

Landscape design projects evolve and change over time. Originally this side-yard project only included a patio, grill station, and firepit. As this project moved through our Design and Build Process the homeowner decided to add additional patio space. The original design was amended and quickly presented for review. Once it was approved by the homeowner the additional materials were ordered for installation.

Our goal here at Autumn Leaf is to provide you with a full landscape design-to-build service.

As you can see, each project is different and handled accordingly. It's not just about installing a patio and plants, it's about creating the right outdoor living space for you.

Get started with the leaders

We lead the industry in landscape design technology, build quality and style. We know how important it is to get it right, right from the beginning. That's why we make sure you love your design before we build, everything from our curb appeal options to a swimming pool's shape and size, to the patios materials, to the perfect water feature to the coolest lighting. And we build the project using everything we've learned over our many years of designing and building residential landscapes.

Thank you for your interest in what we do. Give us a few details about what you have in mind through this form and we'll be in touch to discuss it in more detail.

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