Heated Paving Stone Driveway

Heated Paving Stone Driveway

The necessity steps for a successful heated driveway build.

10 Feb, 2017

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Heated Paving Stone Driveway

How It Works

The idea is to keep surface temperature of the driveway above freezing. Heated driveways use piped hot water that runs beneath the surface to radiate heat and keep your driveway free of snow and ice.


The original surface must be broken up and removed. The subgrade is regraded and leveled for system prep.

Base Prep

A base material of recycled concreate aggregate is used to create a more stable surface.


We use an insulation barrier to efficiently have the heat reflected up to the finished surface.


Wire mesh is then placed throughout the entire driveway. This will be used to fasten the hot water pipes and reinforce the concreate.

Engineering & Plumbing

The spacing and length of pipe is determined by the plumbing engineer. The pipe is placed and fastened to these specifications.


Concrete is then poured over the tested hot water system. A remote boom pump is used to spread the concreate and not damage the heat pipes.

Paving Stones

The final step is to lay the paving stones. A thin layer of sand is used to create an even surface for the paving stones.

Watch It Work!

The automatic driveway heating system is then turned on to gather the necessary data to work efficiently on its own. As the air temperature reaches freezing the system will turn on and start to move hot water throughout the entire driveway. These will warm the floor surface and melt any snow or ice on contact.

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