How to Add Mulch to Flower Beds

How to Add Mulch to Flower Beds

Mulch keeps soil moist, controls erosion, reduces competition for resources, hinders weeds, keeps roots growing and may provide nutrients. Here's how to add mulch to flower beds.

23 May, 2013

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How to Add Mulch to Flower Beds

Mulch Supports Plant Health

Much provides a lot of benefits for flower beds. Here are six of them.

  1. Mulch keeps soil from drying out. It reduces moisture loss up to 21% during summer.
  2. Mulch helps control erosion.
  3. Mulch reduces the competition for water and nutrients between your plantings and grass.
  4. Mulch hinders the growth of weeds and undesirable grasses. Mulch keeps the soil around your plantings cool, moist and shaded. Weeds grow better in hot, dry conditions.
  5. Mulch keeps roots growing. Mulch keeps the roots cool which keeps them growing even when it's hot out.
  6. Some mulch provide nutrients. Organic mulches add nutrients to the soil which improves its fertility.

How to Add Much to Flower Beds

Clear weeds from planting beds, Edge beds 3" to 4" deep w/ a sharp spade. This stops nearby turf grass from sending new shoots up through the mulch. Apply mulch as a layer less than 4". Don't pile it up against trunks and stems so they're not constantly moist subjecting them to increased risk of disease.

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