Materials That Can Be Used for Patios

Materials That Can Be Used for Patios

Patios make great outdoor spaces. They can be built for many different purposes. But there's generally 4 materials used to make them.

09 Aug, 2011

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Materials That Can Be Used for Patios

Patios are really great outdoor living spaces. And they can be built for different purposes, like a private outdoor sitting area for reading in your favorite chair or a large dining table for 10. Still, all patios have their materials in common.

The Groups of Materials Generally Used to Make Patios

Patio materials vary in cost and appearance.

  1. Real Stone

    Natural, long lasting and a classic look that compliments many styles.
  2. Paver Slabs

    The benefits of real stone, but lighter, less expensive and more design options.
  3. Brick

    Very traditional, lasts a long time, can be new or recycled. Different design patterns and configurations are possible. Less expensive than stone.
  4. Pavers

    Most popular choice. Man made stone that offers an elegant finished product. Extremely durable and many design possibilities.

How to Decide which Patio Material is Best for Your Purpose and Property?

You could always wing it, but why risk the patio not serving you the best way it can? We've been building patios for decades. We can help you match the materials with how you want to use it and your property.

Did You Know You Can See How a Patio Will Look and Work Before It's Built?

It's true! Call us at (631) 424-5544 and ask for a free consult in our Centerport, NY Design Studio and let us know you want a 3D design of your property with a patio. We'll identify the materials and use you want with live samples and create a 3D design of your project that goes with your and your home's architectural styles. You'll be able to tweak it and try different options until you find the one you love!

We're a Landscaping Company, Pool Company and Masonry Company with decades of experience in designing and installing patios and projects of all sizes, ranging from standalone features to entire property renovations. Call us at (631) 424-5544 and tell us about your dream outdoor living space.

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