Natural Stone Landscape Design

Natural Stone Landscape Design

Choose Natural Stone for Your Next Masonry Project

01 Oct, 2014

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Natural Stone Landscape Design

Choose Natural Stone for Your Next Masonry Project

Did you know that natural stone landscape design is an excellent choice for your next masonry project? And it's not too late to schedule your natural stone landscape masonry project for this fall. There are many projects for you to choose from to make your outdoor living space a welcoming place to entertain.

Do you want a natural look that will blend well with your Long Island homescape? Then let us design a landscape that includes boulders, rock walls, and other projects with the look of natural stone. At Autumn Leaf Landscape Design, we use 3D design software to plan out where to place new boulders and rock walls to match your existing landscape.

There are a lot of differences between pavers and natural stone. Yet, if you decide that you don't want to spend a lot of money on pure stone, you do have other choices, such as cultured and precut stones.

What are precut and cultured stones?

Both types give you a natural stone look without the heavy price tag. Plus, we can match your indoor stonework to your outdoor hardscapes so you have an even flow from inside to outside.

Here is a brief rundown of the two types of stones:

  1. Stone veneer: Is simply a covering that has a coating that looks like natural stone. Another name for stone veneer is cultured stone.
  2. Precut stone: Is natural stone that has been already cut. It has backing already in place to simply add to your exteriors. When we use stone veneers or precut stones on your property, we must have a firm foundation to place these materials. If you don't already have a foundation for the stones, we'll build one for you.

Here are some ways that you can use stone veneers and precut stones:

  1. On your home's exterior
  2. On your fireplace and chimney's exteriors
  3. On any stone walls that you add to your outdoor living space
  4. On retaining walls
  5. And in your home to connect the inside of your home with the outside.

The Simple Beauty of Boulders

Did you know that a simple boulder paired with some mid-size rocks can give your outdoor living space a completed look? And you're not limited to one type of boulder. Indeed, we can find you the most natural looking boulder and rocks with lichen and moss that will make you guests go “ah.”

We use boulders for:

  1. Waterfalls
  2. Flowing streams
  3. Landscaping
  4. Fire pits
  5. Focal and retaining walls

We just need to know where you want your boulder and how it'll fit in with your overall landscape. Again, we'll use 3D design software to place your boulder and rocks at different parts of your landscape to make sure that everything is balanced and natural looking.

We can mix and match different rocks and boulders to add interest and variety to your rock wall. We can find you boulders and rocks that:

  1. Are different sizes ranging from small to medium to large
  2. Are different shapes, such as round, rectangular, square, jagged
  3. Have different feel and look to them, such as rustic, aged, and rugged.

Are you ready for us to design and build your natural stone wall or exterior? If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, give us a call at 631-424-5544 or fill out our contact form at


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