Outdoor Lighting Design Long Island

Outdoor Lighting Design Long Island

6 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Lighting Designer for Your Outdoor Lighting Project

19 Mar, 2014

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Outdoor Lighting Design Long Island

6 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Lighting Designer for Your Outdoor Lighting Project

Are you planning on adding lights to your outdoor living space in Nassau or Suffolk County, New York this summer?

Before you jump in your car and run to your nearest box store, consider hiring a landscape lighting designer to install those lights for you. Not only can he design your overall hardscape project, but he can also expertly install your lighting system, which may save you money in the long run.

Additionally, a landscape lighting designer knows where to purchase the best lights in the industry. And you can rely on your designer to properly install your lights, transformer box, and any plants that would go well with your new lighting system.

Here are six additional reasons why you want to hire a landscape designer, who is trained to install outdoor lighting, to light up your life this summer.

  1. Your landscape designer has access to LED lights that are more aesthetically pleasing than what you'll find at your local retailer. Your landscape designer can order the white light range that you desire, from soft warm glows to brighter spotlights.
  2. Your landscape designer knows that LED lights promote safety on your property. LED lights can be placed within steps, along borders and pathways, and leading up to your driveway. And don't worry either about your driveway looking like an airplane runway. A landscape designer knows how to place each light for interest and variety, as well as providing illumination to any part of your property.
  3. Your landscape designer can produce a digital 3-D plan of your hardscape and lighting plans for you.
    Your landscape designer can place LED lights to highlight a portion of your property that you want to show off. It could be a grove of trees, or any other area that you want to draw your visitors' eyes to, such as a water feature. A landscape lighting professional can even install spotlights up in trees to light up pathways and walkways.
  4. A landscape professional can order better quality LED lights that are easy to install. Your landscape designer has access to top lighting companies that produce quality lighting products. Granted these lights may be more expensive at the front end, but they'll save you money as the years go by. Also, a landscape designer can get lights that come with a lifetime warranty.
  5. LED lights save you energy.They use 70 percent less energy to light up an area and their bulbs outlast incandescent light bulbs by not needing to be replaced up to 15 years.LED lights also don't have any dangerous toxins in them, like mercury, which could hurt you, your family and friends, as well as the environment.
    So, are you ready for your Long Island, New York property to be lit up to entertain friends and family this summer ? If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, call Autumn Leaf Landscape Design for an outdoor lighting consultation at 631-424 - 5544. View their YouTube video showcasing their outdoor lighting projects.


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