Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

6 Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall

16 Sep, 2014

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

6 Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall

Did you know that you can entertain long into the night by adding lights to your outdoor living spaces? Indeed, you can also illuminate the entire outside of your property for safety by adding lights.

But just don't think LED lights either. Think about fire as well. At Autumn Leaf Landscape Design, we can add all kinds of outdoor lighting to your home, including fireplaces and fire pits to keep you and your guests warm on chilly autumn evenings.

Here are six outdoor lighting ideas to light up your night-time outdoor living areas this fall

  1. Fireplaces

    Do you want to stay warm, have a focal point, as well as light? Then, consider adding a fireplace. We can design your fireplace as a stand-alone focal point or we can design it as part of your outdoor living room. Fireplaces are great additions for those cozy, intimate get-togethers.
  2. Firepits

    Do you like to entertain a lot of people at night? Then, consider adding a firepit. A firepit can be placed outside of your hardscaped area, under a tree, or you can add it to your outdoor living rooms. Think s'mores, sweatshirts, and fun with a firepit.
  3. Path lights

    You can add a welcoming, as well as a safe, entrance to everyone who walks up to your front porch or your backyard with path lights. We can set up LED lights to greet your family and friends after dark. Path lights can also be built along your driveway to gently lead your guests to your home. And if you want to feel safer, you may want to add motion detecting path lights around your home too.
  4. Step lights

    You can add a touch of romance as well as safety by adding LED lighting to your steps. The gentle glow of step lights illuminate each step to guide your friends and family as they go up or down your stairway.
  5. Up lights

    You can show off a grove of trees, the entrance of your home, or a wall by adding up lights. Up lights simply point light from the ground up to a focal point.
  6. Spotlights

    Everyone loves spotlights. Similar to up lights, spotlights shine on focal points to direct everyone's gaze to an object that you want them to notice. Spotlights are great to highlight water features, landscaped flower beds, a wall or a stone fireplace. If you're looking for added security lighting, we also build motion-sensored spotlights that will come on whenever someone walks onto your property.

Are you ready to light up your nights in Nassau or Suffolk County, New York this fall? Then call us at 631-424-5544 or fill out our contact form at http://autumnleaflandscape.com/contact.


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