Pool Water Features, Whats Best For You

Pool Water Features, Whats Best For You

It's often the finishing touches that make a space come alive.

17 Feb, 2017

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Pool Water Features, Whats Best For You

Add the Soothing Sound of Flowing Water

Three pool water features to consider are sheer descents, natural waterfalls, and deck jets. Sheer descents create a glass-like sheet of water that gracefully lands in the pool. several sheer descents can be placed around the pool to create the desired effect. Natural stone waterfalls tend to create a much grander impact and often become the main focal point. We custom build each natural stone waterfall to fit your pool style and shape perfectly. Deck jets are a fun way to add a small but exciting element to your swimming experience. These deck jets can be placed anywhere around your pool producing the soothing sound of flowing water.

Make a Big Splash

Bring your pool space to life with a water-slide or diving board. Pool accessories are a great way to amplify the fun and excitement in and around your pool. Typical features like a diving board or water-slide are a great starting point. Diving rocks are a unique alternative to a diving board that provide an elevated jumping surface. Advancements in lighting technology have made it possible to change your pool light color with the push of a button. These new LED pool lights can be easily controlled and adjusted with your mobile phone at any time. Swimming pool LED lighting is a quick and easy way to create the desired mood.

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