Retaining Wall Contractors

Retaining Wall Contractors

What You Need to Know About Retaining Walls

12 Aug, 2014

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Retaining Wall Contractors

What You Need to Know About Retaining Walls

When it comes to building a retaining wall on your Long Island, NY property, it's imperative that you hire the right retaining wall contractor to do the job for you. Lots of homeowners can attest to poor workmanship and the expense involved repairing poorly built retaining walls.

You want your new wall to not only protect your landscape from soil erosion, but also to make a statement of beauty. And you want to blend it in with your overall landscape's theme to make a statement.

Here are seven ways that retaining wall contractors can design and build a retaining wall for you that is both appealing and practical:

  1. Hire the right retaining wall contractor.

    Yes, we recommend our services at Autumn Leaf Landscape Design, but it's important to hire professional retaining wall contractors who are able to help you design, prepare (both the area where your wall will be constructed, as well as the building permits needed to construct your new wall). You want your new retaining wall to be sturdy and long-lasting.
  2. Make sure that you have the right design that meshes with your overall landscape design.

    We use a variety of masonry to build your retaining wall including Natural stone, Cultured stone Block Brick, Concrete
  3. And in today's world of stone, brick, block and concrete, you have a wide variety of choices in color, design, and texture.

  4. Avoid building a boring retaining wall. You can add the following to your retaining wall design:

    A fountain or a water feature, an outdoor fireplace, Lighting features, a built in bench, steps, Wall caps for a completed look.
  5. Realize that your landscape design/builder will construct your wall in a series of steps that includes a base, backfill, drainage, and the actual wall.

  6. Ask your landscape design/builder to add plants, shrubs, and trees to the top and around your new retaining wall to add color, dimension, depth, and texture.

  7. Listen to this tidbit

    According to the Landscaping Network, they advise that you ask your design-builder what kind of wall he recommends for your property. Your retaining wall contractor takes a holistic view of your entire property and locale, including the climate, soil type and building codes to name a few. These factors impact the kind of wall that can successfully be built to last for a long time on your property. Choose to trust your contractor's opinions when it comes to the final design and placement.
  8. Try something new with your wall construction.

    Dry stone and boulders are becoming popular materials to use for retaining walls and other hardscape projects. We'll be happy to share what types of dry stone and boulder construction that we do.

At Autumn Leaf Landscape Design, we provide all of the above features including 3D design of your retaining wall so that you can see how your finished piece will look within your overall landscape design. If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, New York, give us a call today at 631-424-5544 or send us a message on our contact page.


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