Retaining Wall Staircase

Retaining Wall Staircase

Enhance A New Retaining Wall With Stairs

07 Aug, 2014

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Retaining Wall Staircase

Enhance A New Retaining Wall With Stairs

A retaining wall staircase gives your sloped landscape added functionality and accessibility. Your newly defined space can contain planting areas, sitting areas, or just serve as a service area access. A retaining wall staircase can add elegance and beauty, while transforming an unused portion of your property into a usable and more beautiful space. No one wants scale a 3-4' wall to weed the garden, install mulch or maintain cleanliness. Designing the access points will rely on the type of access needed. If there is additional usable space above or below, then a functional yet aesthetically pleasing staircase will be needed. If the desired look is to be clean and uninterrupted, an inconspicuous location will be better served. Typically front yards that are uneven will benefit from a retaining wall stair combination. Tiered front yards have great curb appeal and offers the opportunity to show off a sculpture, ornamental tree or water feature. When considering materials, be sure to choose ones that offers the versatility of walls and steps.

For more information on our retaining wall design and build services contact Autumn Leaf Landscape 100 Centershore Road Centerport, NY 11721, 631-424-5544

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