Show your Plants you Care: Proper Watering Schedule

Show your Plants you Care: Proper Watering Schedule

Follow This Watering Schedule to Grow Successfully

12 Apr, 2011

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Show your Plants you Care: Proper Watering Schedule

Follow This Watering Schedule to Grow Successfully

The success of your plant(s) during this period of adjustment is due to proper observation and watering. For the first 3 weeks after installation, watering is necessary. Water must be allowed to soak into the surrounding soil and the plant's root ball, until both are thoroughly soaked.

A tree or shrub derives little or no benefit from frequent light rains or watering. The use of root feeder attachments is highly recommended to facilitate root irrigation. When using just a hose, turn hose on to LOW pressure to create a slow trickle to soak root.

High-pressure ?ow only creates caverns in the root ball by washing away the soil from the roots. This caverning can be fatal to the plant.

Allow the soil to dry VERY SLIGHTLY between waterings. A constantly soggy wet soil deprives the roots of needed oxygen and drowns the plant. Watering, at a slow but steady volume, every other day until the root ball is well soaked. The great variability in time is due to different soil conditions, temperature, the size of the root ball, the size of the planting hole, water pressure and the type of planting. It is best to allow the soil to dry SLIGHTLY between waterings. If you walk around the perimeter of the root mass and it is squishy, back off the watering until it firms up and dries slightly. If any wilt is evident or if the foliage feels warm to the touch, WATER! Foliage that is evaporating moisture feels cool to the touch. Yellow lower leaves indicate the plant has recently severely wilted. If temperatures get into the mid 80's or above, or if any drought is evident, watering frequently is imperative.

After the first three months, watering every 2-3 days for the first growing season ensures success. All plants need to be thoroughly watered in November following the first hard frost of less than 20 F. This will ensure enough moisture for your plant(s) to survive the winter. Help your plants with proper care and observation and watch the wonderful results. We wish you luck and Happy Watering!

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