Spring Blossoms and When to Plant Them

Spring Blossoms and When to Plant Them

What you need to know about planting blossoms for a beautiful spring. Covers Forsythia, Lilac, Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron.

06 Apr, 2011

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Spring Blossoms and When to Plant Them

Winter Landscape Revival Tips

Put some spring in your step by planting these spring-blooming shrubs in your backyard. After months of cold, gray weather, there's nothing quite like seeing and smelling the first blossoms of spring. Here are some types of spring-blossoms you can add to your property and how to properly care for them.

  1. Forsythia

    Provides yellow blooms in early spring and can reach 10' in height. Prefers full sun to partial shade.
  2. Lilac

    Purple, pink, red or white blooms in mid-spring. Prefers full sun and can reach 15' in height.
  3. Mountain Laurel

    Blooms in late spring with red, pink or white flowers. Grows up to 15' in height and prefers partial shade.
  4. Rhododendron

    Pink, red or white blooms in mid- spring. Grows well in full sun to partial shade and can reach 15' in height.

Even after their color or fragrance fade away, spring-blooming shrubs can contribute to your landscape by providing shade or serving as backdrops to other plants. Beyond these, there are dozens of other choices for getting past winter and moving into spring beautifully! Feel free to call Autumn Leaf Landscape at (631) 424-5544 if you have any questions or concerns about planting spring-blooming shrubs.

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