Synthetic Grass Installation Long Island

Synthetic Grass Installation Long Island

Are You Considering Synthetic Grass for Your Long Island Lawn?

03 May, 2014

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Synthetic Grass Installation Long Island

Are You Considering Synthetic Grass for Your Long Island Lawn?

Back in the early days of Astroturf, many people considered it just for sports fields or on your grandmother's front porch. However, artificial grass has evolved over the past 50 years since its debut in 1965.

And, artificial grass is gaining popularity among homeowners because it saves a ton of time and money. Plus, synthetic turf now looks real rather than the bright green kind of yesteryear.

Here are 10 benefits to adding artificial turf to your landscape

  1. Synthetic grass requires little maintenance

    No more Saturdays spent mowing the lawn.There's no more weeds growing up between grass blades.You don't have to irrigate or weed and feed anymore.Synthetic grass saves you time and money.
  2. It's pet - friendly

    You don't have to worry about your dog getting ticks and fleas by laying on synthetic turf.And you don't have to worry about Fido bringing grass clippings onto your outdoor living space or into your home either.
  3. It's child - friendly

    Today's artificial grass provides a safe place for kids to play on.It does get hot in the direct sun, but artificial turf does well in shady places for kids to run and play on.
  4. It's perfect for shady areas

    It's impossible to grow real grass under a tree, let alone under a canopy of trees.You can cover up those tree roots and bare spots with artificial grass that doesn't require mowing or irrigation to grow.
  5. It's disability friendly

    People in wheelchairs can easily move on synthetic grass allowing them to enjoy family and friends in your backyard or by the pool.
  6. It conserves water

    You'll save money on your water bills, as well as you'll conserve water by not needing to irrigate your synthetic turf at all.If you have pets, you'll have to use a hose to rinse off their waste, but there is no need for timed irrigation systems or getting out of bed early in the morning to water your lawn.
  7. It's environmentally friendly

    The backing on modern artificial grass is made out of sand or recycled- tire rubber to help the grass keep its uniformity and look, as well as keeping discarded tires out of landfills.You'll also use less gas and chemicals on your lawn which will benefit the air and water supplies.
  8. It may reduce injury

    Kids running and playing on artificial turf may be less likely to sustain serious injuries because synthetic grass is more slip - resistant than real grass.
  9. It's versatile

    As you can tell, synthetic grass can withstand heavy use.Kids and pets can freely play on the turf and you don't have to worry about bare patches from rough and tumble play.Additionally, artificial grass can be used around your pool and deck areas to prevent slipping and falling around wet surfaces.
  10. It keeps your landscape looking green and healthy all summer long

    You don't have to worry about your grass going into dormancy due to a drought or long, dry, hot spells over the summer.Your landscape and lawn will look uniform no matter what Mother Nature throws your way this summer.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass for your Nassau or Suffolk County property, go to the Synthetic Turf Council at

For more information about installing artificial turf grass on your property, contact Autumn Leaf Landscape Design Inc. at 631-424-5544 or fill out their contact form at our contact page.

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